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Like the Storm and the Hurricane before, this two men canoe was designed by Michael Giblin (Outrigger Zone)

Michael applied the same recipes to design the best OC2. This 2 men outrigger is shorter than usual. The ama is positioned in front, at the same level than the front paddler, the result is an amazing ability to surf like an OC1.

You can easily switch the cables rudder system between the front pedals and the back pedals: choose who's gonna be the steerer today!!!

  • Length: 7m
  • Width: 40.5cm
  • Weight:
    • hull: 12.6kg
    • Iakos: 1.4kg
    • Ama: 1.6kg


price: carbon:5500€

Available designs: See on OIS

To book this canoe and choose its colors and design, contact us.


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