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  • length: 6,42m
  • width: 38cm
  • weigth:
    • hull: 7.8kg
    • Ama: 1.1kg
    • Iakos: 500g


The storm is the last canoe designed by Michael GIBLIN.
It's not an evolution of the hurricane but definitely a new boat.
Storm is a versatile canoe which can compete on the flat and excel in rough water.
This canoe fits larger paddlers, it's a very comfortable outrigger canoe.
The Storm is the first OC1 to be molded in one piece. Traditionally canoes are molded in halves then joined with epoxy putty.
Joining the canoe is a blind process which relies on excess putty to secure a good sealing.
Molding the canoe in one piece will eliminate excess weight and result in a stronger canoe. 
For the past few years we’ve been using prepregs without really exploiting their advantages. The new construction makes use of these advantages.


Price: 4500€ ou 5700€ en version pro; construction allégée, housse prémium, 2 safrans (océan et anti algue)

Design: See on OIS


To book this canoe and choose his colors and design, contact us.

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