You just buy your first outrigger canoe : CONGRETULATIONS
now you have to take care of your jewel.

Always rinse it with fresh water to remove the salt.
never leave you canoe outside without the cover, carbon fiber don't like U.V
Build a nest to you baby with support in the iakos insertion zone (the more solid part of the boat).

It’s important to note the difference in racking an OC1 compared to other gear (ie: bikes), it comes down to the length and the delicate nature of the vessel. A wide span will assist in supporting the boat during wind or higher speed driving. But ALWAYS use common sense, some conditions, speed and wind factors could damage your canoe if not mounted correctly.
If you have cradles carry the canoe right side up.  If you have pads carry the canoe upside down.

Use straps to keep the canoe attached securely. Do not over tighten! This could cause pressure dings and dents to the part of the canoe in contact with the racks. Be sure to strap down both forward and aft. You can use a bungie cord to hold down the canoe while your apply the straps, this can be helpful in windy conditions

ALWAYS test the canoe by using your hand on the nose and the tail, to be sure it does not move left to right or backward to forward. Also test your canoe if you stop for food, gas etc and step away from the car. This is a good habit as someday you might be distracted when loading your boat, come back and drive away with the straps not on. Make it a habit to always test that the canoe is secure before driving.