KAi Wa'a and Ozone canoes are built to resist in a rough water navigation.
You can surf a 3 meter wind swell but you can brake your canoe in a 60 cm shore break wave.
NEVER SURF A SHORE BREAK WAVE, surfboards are builded for that not your canoe.
If you want to play surfing that kind of wave on the shoulder, you will do it at your risk and you will loose your guarantee in case of damages.
Ocean and water need rules for your safety
bring with you :
a leash
an extra paddle
a cell phone or vhf
flash light
food and beverage adjusted to the paddling time you want to have
don't paddle alone, know the last forecast, the tide.
Always wear clothes (or wetsuits) adjusted to the water temperature (and not adjusted to the air temperature, you could have to stay in the water in case of emergency)